1516 East Lake Avenue, Glenview, Illinois

We share a parking lot with Hackney's on Lake and are located directly behind Gigi's Closette.

from right to left: Grandpa Engelsran Engels Steakhouse on the now Hackney's on Lake location, Grandpa Jim MastersonMike's grandfather, Grandma EngelsJim's mom, Grandma Kitz MastersonMike's grandma and our namesake for Kitz Irish Red Ale, Jim Masterson Jr."Gee-G" Mike's Uncle


Macushla Brewing Co., Est. 2017
but with a much deeper history...

Mike Welch—tending bar

My name is Mike Welch and I am proud to be a fourth generation member of the Masterson Family, who has run Hackney's since 1939. Before my Grandparents took ownership of Hackney's on Harms, it was a roadhouse run by Grandpa's Uncle Jack Hackney. As a boy, Grandpa Jim lived in the upstairs apartment in the building that is now Gigi's Closette, at Lake and Waukegan, in Glenview. The downstairs was a gambling house where grandpa Jim updated the constantly changing odd's on the chalk board. A job known as the "chalk eater." In the event of a raid, grandpa Jim ate the chalk, hence the name of our IPA. His Mother and Stepfather owned Engel's Steak House next door which is now Hackney's on Lake. We are happy to be brewing our beer and sharing it with the community on the same, storied grounds. My wife Megan and I would like to invite you to join us for a beer at Macushla, the Irish word meaning "my pulse, my lifeblood," and "my darling!"

Mike's brother Pat tending bar with Mike

Grandpa Jim tending bar


taproom hours:

3-10:30pm Tuesday-Thursday

12pm-12am Friday & Saturday
12pm-8pm Sunday



The Beer List

There will be some mainstays but the beers on this list are always changing depending on the season and what's been brewing. Please stop in to see what is currently on tap.